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photo by Robin Smith, SNAP Georgina

Photo of Keswick Kinsmen providing full service at Canadian Tire Filling tanks to fight CF

On Saturday, May 2, Georgina Kinsmen and Canadian Tire joined with customers to help battle cystic fibrosis by participating in the Kin Full Serve for CF. Kinsmen volunteers pumped gas and cleaned windshields to collect donations and raise awareness of this important cause.

Your donations help find a cure or control for Cystic Fibrosis. CF is the most common fatal, inherited disease affecting young Canadians. It causes thick mucus build-up in the lungs and digestive tract resulting in severe respiratory problems and difficulty absorbing nutrients.


Keswick Kinsmen support local sportsKeswick Kinsmen Soccer 2008

Lake Simcoe Soccer Club Director of Operations Karen Burns presents Keswick Kinsmen President with a plaque of thanks for supporting minor sports.

For more information on soccer in Georgina and registration, check out

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